Products you can feel good about

We don't just sell products. We sell items that become part of your personal life and play an integral role in your daily routine. We know the care you put into choosing these items that transform your house into a home, and we put the same care into our product selection to ensure we offer you only the best.

ECO product program

Deployed in all our RONA+, RONA and Réno-Dépôt corporate and participating dealer stores, our ECO product program is designed to help Canadians reduce the environmental footprint of their home improvement and construction projects. We have selected thousands of products relying on the life cycle approach and the most recognized environmental certifications, and we have clearly identified them with the ECO seal─both in store and online.  

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Wood sourcing

To preserve forest resources, we are committed to offering wood products from responsible and sustainable forestry practices.

To achieve this, we are focusing our efforts on improving our understanding of our impact on the world’s forest resources and securing FSC certification for regions where local practices are at higher risk of deforestation.

Our vendors' code of conduct

Offering consumers products made under safe and ethical conditions is a priority for us. To that effect, we rely on our Human Right policy, as well as on our Vendor Code of Conduct, which outlines the requirements that must be met by all suppliers with which we do business. Several audits are carried out every year to confirm that our business partners' practices comply with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Safer chemicals

In addition to complying with current regulations, we are actively collaborating with our suppliers to find alternatives to chemicals that may raise concerns for the health and the environment. Our goal is simple: act proactively to identify, reduce, and ultimately eliminate them from our products.