In-store improvements

Myredvest: a new initiative that will allow self-checkout expansion across RONA store network!

In an omnichannel mindset, we are always looking for ways to offer an optimized and seamless customer experience across all channels. This approach has led our IT teams to actively work on a new platform called myredvest that simplifies cash register usage, making it possible to offer a user-friendly self-checkout service.

Automation to increase time spent serving customers

When you think about working in retail, you probably think about customer service. However, while focusing on the retail fundamentals, our employees are sometimes required to perform tasks during which they are not serving the customer.

IT and Operations Teams Come Together to Enhance Omnichannel Customer Experience

Ever waited in line at a store for what seemed like forever to retrieve a package purchased online? That’s so 2020! No wonder our teams were ecstatic about launching our game-changing contactless pickup lockers at our RONA, Lowe's and Réno-Dépôt corporate stores.

Technology to enhance in-store experience

The arrival of the new handheld mobile devices generated plenty of excitement within our teams. Why is rolling out these new state-of-the-art, compact, versatile smartphones across our network of RONA, Lowe's and Réno-Dépôt stores such a game changer?